What’s inside?


The second Magezine is published. It’s 72 pages of valuable knowledge created in collaboration with the crème de la crème from Magento world including columnists: Ben Marks, Guido Jansen. You can also find articles written by experienced Magento developers, architects & experts: Shane Osbourne, Ilja Lapkovskis, Jisse Reitsma, Miguel Balparda, Ignacio Riesco.

What else? In the 2nd issue we discuss hot topics such as Progressive Web Apps and much more (we can’t reveal to you everything, can we?). And yes, we are aware that the idea of a paper magazine in today’s digital world can be risky. But we really believe that there’s still a room for – let’s call it – more traditional form. However, if you insist on reading online, you can always download the Magazine in PDF format.

Good job! In this time of transition, Magezine can really become a point of reference for the whole Magento community!

Riccardo Tempesta

Co-Founder, CTO, Magento E-commerce solution specialist at Skeeller srl/MageSpecialist

are we doing this?

Because we believe in the power of the community. It’s as simple as that.

When the concept of Magezine came up, we want it to be created by people with passion who are willing to share their knowledge. We will be more than happy to have as many Magento enthusiast as possible on board – an make the community grow stronger. It is also our goal to build greater awareness of the Magento platform among people connected with e-commerce.

Magezine is a bit like gathering all the Magento experts’ know-how in a nutshell. From now on you don’t have to flip through blogs – you take coffee and newspaper in your hand – and you know everything that is important.

Our heads are full of new ideas for the Magezine development. We want the most interesting job offers to appear here in the future as well as the most challenging implementation of Magento. And more. We are sure that everyone in the community will find something for himself or herself here – or at least we’ll do our best to make it so.

Why not go one step further and launch Magezine on other markets than the global one? Versions for India, China or France? Sky is the limit!

how it all began?


We’ve been working with Magento for 10 years and over time we see a growing interest in the platform around the world.

However we’ve noticed the lack of a single medium that would gather knowledge useful to merchants, developers and all Magento’s enthusiast. Everything else is there – international conferences, meetings all over the world, training, hackathons. Not to mention thousands of blogs, forums and social media profiles where experts share their experience.

Although, there was no periodical magazine that could comprehensively report what’s going on in Magento world, and which would be a platform for sharing news, tips and know-how with the entire community. So the idea of Magezine was born.

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